About us

New Take films is a neurodiverse documentary production company with a history of making award-winning creative documentaries and comedy films in the UK and throughout the world. We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer, working with talented people across the disability spectrum and from unrepresented minority backgrounds.

Founded in 2015 by James Dann, a film maker based in sunny Manchester, New Take Films was created in order to tell compelling stories - often about human rights, social justice, disability awareness, short form animation and comedy narratives. James himself is a neurodivergent film maker with dsypraxia and dyslexia, and felt the need to create a company which encourages neurodivergent talent within the industry.

James started creating films back in 2014 with his first documentary '2nd Amendment' focusing on firearms legislation on the East Coast of America.

In November 2021, James and the New Take team returned from Pakistan where they have been creating a new commissioned documentary for MRG, focusing on the persecution of female minorities in rural areas of the country.

This documentary will be released in May of 2022, along with a longer version to be screened at the Houses of Parliament and for theatrical release.