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Our Films

Section 298 - Pakistan

Illegal by birth and persecuted to death, a minority community in Pakistan fights for survival and justice within a system that denies and threatens their existence. Told through the eyes of three persecuted female Ahmadiyya, Section 298 unveils the realities of life under Pakistan's deadliest law.

Due to their faith, the Ahmadi citizens of Rabwah have no access to government hospitals, no access to government schools and no right to work in their own country.

Few journalists have ever entered Rabwah, and few citizens have ever spoken of their experience.

Commissioned by Minority Rights Group and created by New Take Films - shot on location in Pakistan.

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Out on a Limb

Three wheelchair users embark on a mission to conquer the Swiss Alps.

With expert training from disability sports instructors as well as volunteer helpers, the trio set out to learn how to master their adaptive skis and navigate the perilous mountain terrain.

Both mentally and physically, this week will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of their lives.

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Why We March - Everyman Cinema

Why We March follows three holocaust survivors on a 6 day trip across Poland as they re-visit the deathcamps they were imprisoned in. Exploring 1,000 Years of Jewish Life in Poland and the devastation and horrors of the Holocaust, as told by those who lived through it.

From the killing field of Majdanek to the infamous Auschwitz camp, the survivors tell their stories and share their lives with the younger generation in order to make sure history never repeats itself.

Now screening at the Everyman Cinema - London and Manchester.



ITV Ralph and Katie [Behind the Scenes]

The six-part series will be written by Peter Bowker (writer of The A Word) alongside new and emerging disabled writers to tell the continuing story of Ralph and Katie, an inspirational and loving young couple who are embarking on The biggest adventure of their lives.

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Hotter Than Syria

From Aleppo to Manchester, Naeim Alnajjar takes on the world record attempt to conquer the longest human beatbox challenge - 30 hours of exhausting, mouth-breaking and continuous beatboxing.

Performing this challenge live at Tribeca, a nightclub in Manchester, Naeim (know as Madz) will have to mentally and physically endure an almost impossible task.

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We Left the Camps Singing

It is estimated that more than 150.000 Czech Jews were deported to Theresienstadt during the second world war. The majority of them were then deported to the extermination camps in eastern Europe, mainly Auschwitz-Birkenau.

A documentary by New Take Films Italian pianist Sofia Tapinassi. We Left the Camps Singing explores the story of musical activities in the Theresienstadt concentration camp, a unique camp located in Czechoslovakia in which encouraged art, music and theatre performances.


The Life of Alf Morris

A three part documentary series celebrating the life of Alf Morris, the worlds first minister for disabled people.

Often described at the Magna Carta for disabled people, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equality Act 2010 was the first disability rights legislation anywhere in the world and laid the foundations for all future legislation to aid the disabled.

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All We Want For Christmas

One family gets the gift we've all been waiting for.

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Senegal Stories

A series of documentaries focusing on the themes of unemployment, cultural barriers and the Senegalese school system.

Made for EDACY, an international education company aimed at providing young people with the skills they need in order to gain long term employment.


2nd Amendment

From the streets of Philadelphia where people lie awake in bed playing ‘gunshot or firework’, to the remote Maryland hunters whose lives depend on their firearms to defend themselves, 2nd Amendment shatters the headlines and exposes the people and powers which lie at the core of the gun debate.

Shown at Genesis Cinema and Hackney Picturehouse. This documentary has also been used in American Studies courses throughout the UK.



Newly single, out of money and touch with his friends and family, Jason must adopt a new way of life if he's ever going to become the renowned painter that he desires to be.

Combining fiction and documentary, the film mixes community responses to seeing a human exhibition as well as scripted narrative to guide the film.

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Two vagabonds stumble across the opportunity of a lifetime.

Our hero's, M and J, traverse the streets of Manchester discovering the people, places and pigeons that make up the fabric of the city.


The C Word

Heartbroken, alone and living in a converted shed. It’s time for Alan to make a change.

Through radical therapy and stubborn determination, can Alan rid himself of his crippling fear of commitment and win back the love of his life?

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I'm Not Drunk - Ataxia

Fashion designer Joe Jervis suffers from Ataxia, a rare degenerative disease which rapidly degrades a persons speaking, muscle control and motor skills