The C Word

Heartbroken, alone and living in a converted shed. It’s time for Alan to make a change. Through radical therapy and stubborn determination, can Alan rid himself of his crippling fear of commitment and win back the love of his life?

The C Word explores a complex issue in today's society - commitment. In particular, the fear ofit. The C Word follows Alan; a hopeless romantic desperate to devote himself to the one he loves whilst being petrified at the thought of being with them.

James' inspiration to make The C Word came from people continuously telling him how afraid of commitment they were. Be it friends, Uber drivers or the very rare person he matched with on Tinder; everyone seemed to be wanting a relationship but not being able to commit themselves to it. He found this a hilarious and startlingly accurate representation of modern day dating.

The want to be with someone, but having the fear of feeling ‘trapped with them if it goes badly’ seemed to be a prevalent theme. More often than not, this ended up in people being habitually single, as a result of worrying over an alluded fear of entrapment which may never happen. So, in response to this theory, he decided to make a film on it.